Company Name
Adlumin Adlumin is the Leading Security and Compliance Automation Platform in the U.S.Our trusted security and compliance automation platform is built to discover threats, malfunctions, and IT operations failures in real-time. In seconds, customers can comply with industry regulations using exclusive reporting features. Cybersecurity 2019 ICBA
Agent IQ Agent IQ allows customers to engage with their bank like they engage with friends and family and enables banks to deepen relationships with every one of their customers. Digital 2021 ICBA
Agora Agora Services offers financial institutions a robust and customizales cloud-based offering that enables banking customers to utilize and manage accounts in real-time. Digital 2019 ICBA
Artis Technologies Artis Technologies powers real-time lending and payments solutions that enables banks to drive demand to businesses by offering consumer financing at the point of need. Lending 2021 ICBA
Beauceron Security Beauceron Security reduces risk for organizations by moving individuals and teams from cybersecurity awareness into demonstrated behavior change. Cybersecurity 2021 ICBA
BotDoc BotDoc's patented technology functions as the Fed-Ex of data. Using end-to-end encryption, Botdoc picks up the information from one user and drops it off at the correct destination, with a user experience that is simple for your employees and your customers. Cybersecurity 2019 ICBA
CRiskCo CRiskCo works seamlessly with leading accounting software in the cloud to ensure we gather exceptional data that will help us to help you achieve your goals. Lending 2019 ICBA
FI Works FI Works is a data-driven sales and marketing software platform built specifically for financial institutions. Data 2020 ICBA
Finosec The complex labor required for community banks’ information security and cybersecurity feels overwhelming. Finosec offers an automated governance platform to save banks time and enhance exam preparedness. Cybersecurity 2021 ICBA
Finscend Finscend: Intelligent credit and debit card dispute processing platform. Enhanced workflow and analytics. Compliance and regulatory control.Up to a 40% reduction in operating costs and higher customer satisfaction. Digital 2020 ICBA
Fintel Connect Fintel Connect drives new customer growth through performance marketing. Digital 2020 ICBA
Finzly Finzly creates a modern, real-time, and responsive platform for bankers who need to effectively modernize. Payments/Digital 2020 ICBA
Fraud.Net Fraud.net is the future of fraud prevention. Cybersecurity 2020 ICBA
Griffn Griffn gives community banks & credit unions a leg up in the 21st Century – helping improve client relationships, increase sales, and compete with large financial institutions. Digital 2020 ICBA
Harness Giving Harness connects financial institutions and their cardholders to hundreds of community based non-profits through experiential fundraising campaigns designed to drive spend and increase local impact Digital 2021 ICBA
Hexanika Hexanika products reduce costs by delivering useable data and robust regulatory reporting at the speed of now Compliance 2016 FIS, 2020 ICBA
Kapitalwise Kapitalwise enables interactive financial wellness tools, connect data to your clients better than ever, and deliver whenever your clients need you. All through turn-key integrations delivered through Kapitalwise. Digital 2019 ICBA
Lendsmart Simple, Fast, Smarter Lending. Lendsmart’s end-to-end solution automates & digitizes lending and home buying operations for banks, credit unions, and non-bank lenders. Lending 2020 ICBA
MK Decision MK Decision: One platform, everything you need to grow. Streamline your institution's operations with modern workflows and digital customer applications. Lending 2019 ICBA
Shastic Through Robotic Process Automation, Shastic speeds communication to shorten the lending cycle inside pre-existing systems. Digital 2021 ICBA
Sou Sou SouSou: Save & build wealth smarter with people you know and trust. Financial Wellness 2019 ICBA
Teslar Teslar is a SaaS solution that creates highly efficient banks. Improving efficiency ratios is one of the main reasons banks choose to partner with us; banks that use Teslar typically have an efficiency ratio that is 14% better than their peer group. Lending 2019 ICBA
Upswot Upswot increases banking revenue by providing actionable risk, marketing, and business insights collected from business apps SMBs and Mid-Market companies regularly use. Lending 2021 ICBA
Wallit Wallit is a card-linked benefits platform and wellness wallet for teams working in a remote or hybrid model to align their company to achieve employee wellness and drive shared business outcomes. Financial Health 2020 ICBA
Zogo Finance Zogo is a gamified financial literacy app that helps financial institutions engage, educate, and attract Gen Z. They make finance fun, simple, social — and irresistible to younger generations Financial Wellness 2021 ICBA
ZSuite Technologies ZSuite Technologies: Commercial escrow has gone digital, and it isn't going back. Digital Banking 2021 ICBA