VC FinTech Acclerator Draws National Attention

The application period for the VC Fintech Accelerator's inaugural cohort is well underway, and applications are pouring in from across the country and around the world. Applications will be accepted until midnight, central standard time (CST) on March 31, 2016.

The Accelerator is drawing national attention as the only global accelerator that guarantees access to the executive suite of FIS--the global FinTech leader and its global business network that encompasses customers ranging from retail businesses to traditional financial institutions.

Over the past week, VC FinTech was profiled in a roundup on as well as a feature story on Let's Talk Payments (LTP). This story highlights FIS' commitment to The Venture Center's program, providing additional insights into the global giant's desire to innovate with the customer in mind.

LTP sat down with Tariq Bokhari recently for an interview on FIS' involvement in the VC FinTech Accelerator and what the banking software giant hopes to accomplish and the metrics of success for the program.

FIS has a long history of being a leader and innovator in the FinTech market; however, we recognize the need to enable forward-thinking solutions to better serve our clients.
— Tariq Bokhari

In excerpts from an interview for LTP, Mr. Bokhari highlights the distinct advantage that startup founders can leverage with The Venture Center-led program. 

FI-specific programs limit the customers and tie the startups directly to one or two financial institutions. We feel that the partnership with FIS gives startups access to the entire FI market. FIS has relationships with thousands of community banks, the global banks, and the emerging markets. This means FIS can help put the startups in the best market for the maturity of the product and the audience it needs to address.
— Tariq Bokhari

Mr. Bokhari went on to state that FIS has always monitored and invested in FinTech innovation. "What makes this partnership with the Venture Center different is that this is public and we’re partnering to establish a world-class accelerator that helps us push FinTech forward."

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