Code•It! Apple: Encryption & Ethics Debate

The April Code•It! will feature a group discussion on the ethics of encryption in light of the confrontation between Apple and the federal government. Experts will discuss the technology involved and the potential ethical concerns and then audience members will engage in a robust discussion of all aspects of the issue.

Josh Lange holds a B.S. in Computer Science from California Polytechnic Start University. He is currently a technical architect with First Orion in Little Rock. Previously, Josh worked as a software engineer for Microsoft working on the Foundation team (Core Framework). Microsoft Business Solutions, Dynamics AX.  

Benjamin McCorkle is a legal ethics expert and partner at Beacon Legal Group in Little Rock.

During this discussion, Josh and Benjamin will discuss the recent confrontation between Apple and the Federal Government. They'll talk about the technical challenges as well as the ethical implications of this case. 

Attendees will participate in a spirited Q&A with discussion following a brief presentation