JOLT Game Master Q&A: Joseph Utecht

A full stack developer with an interest in developing responsive cross-platform applications through the web, he enjoys tackling new problems and prototyping applications. An avid follower of new technologies, he spends his free time implementing them in hobby projects which you can find posted on his Github page. Part of the two time champion Space Goats team, he was promoted from participant to Game Master, and The Venture Center is pleased to welcome him back for his second term.

Name: Joseph Utecht

What is your theme song?

What/who is your spirit animal and/or patronus? A Mountain Goat

Which TV or movie character do you most identify with? Scott Pilgrim

What was your first job? Bag boy at Kroger

Fun fact! I ran Rocky Horror Picture Show at Hendrix as Dr. Frank-N-Furter for 4 years. 

What is your biggest coding peeve? Hanging curly braces

Why should people participate in CTFs and programs like JOLT? Challenge themselves to use and learn skills during a very limited time.  Also the competitive aspect to something that is normally day to day work.

What's the coolest thing you've ever worked on? Futurama Quote Generator

What is your best piece of advice for a wannabe developer/coder/tech guru? Don't listen to people's advice

JOLT Hackathon is a weekend-long, cyber security-themed, Jeopardy style CTF competition. On-site expert Game Masters monitor and adjust the challenges in a responsive, real-time environment to ensure that everyone has fun while they  learn new skills. Learn more and register your team at