JOLT Game Master Q&A: Josh Baugh

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The founder of OWASP Little Rock, he's working on building a community around security. Find him, and have a talk about what you want this community to be. After winning JOLT twice as part of the Space Goats crew, we asked him to volunteer as a Game Master, and we couldn't be happier to welcome him back for his second term.

Name: Josh Baugh

What is your theme song? Well... I guess it's "Still" by Recondite because I just looked and that is what is playing on DEF CON radio. I've never heard this before. Maybe don't use this answer.

What was your first job? Killing it. I started full time in kindergarten.

Fun Fact! I've been to nearly 20 countries.

What is your biggest coding peeve? Nonsensical variable names.

Why should people participate in CTFs and programs like JOLT? These events help grow your skills in lots of areas you may not deal with on a daily basis. The challenges aren't limited to web vulnerabilities or privilege escalation. There are lots of topics involved and everyone can contribute. JOLT, specifically, is great as a learning experience because the challenges are difficult, but solvable. Most of the challenges are even solvable without specific system or application knowledge. The environment of JOLT may be a little different than other events because, as a staff member, I’m not there to laugh when you’re having trouble with something you are encountering for the first time. I’m there to help guide you through it because I want you to be successful.

JOLT is a great way to meet other people of various skill levels in the community. No matter your skill level, you will meet people you can learn from and also people you can mentor.

What's the coolest thing you've ever worked on? I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the Packet Hacking Village staff this year at DEF CON. I helped with the HoneyPot project where we created challenges for contestants scattered throughout a network that we built to actively defend itself against intruders. This was only the second year of the project and people loved it. We received a lot of great feedback and the event is going to grow very quickly.

What is your best piece of advice for a wannabe developer/coder/tech guru? Just get started. You’ll figure it out as you go. Don’t worry about knowing how all the moving pieces work up front.

Any links, etc that you'd like to share? Follow @joshops on Twitter.

JOLT Hackathon is a weekend-long, cyber security-themed, Jeopardy style CTF competition. On-site expert Game Masters monitor and adjust the challenges in a responsive, real-time environment to ensure that everyone has fun while they  learn new skills. Learn more and register your team at