JOLT Game Master Q&A: Tommy Haycraft

A passionate cyber security practitioner, he was part of a world class cyber sec competition team during his time as a student at UALR, and has never met a lock that he can't pick. A part of the JOLT tech team from the beginning, we are ecstatic to welcome him back for his fourth cycle as a Game Master.

Name:Tommy Haycraft

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? Green?

What/who is your spirit animal and/or patronus? chocobo

Which TV or movie character do you most identify with? The Doctor

What was your first job? I helped at a bowling alley

Fun fact! In 2005, MySpace changed some of their code because I took advantage of it :-)

What is your biggest coding peeve? Tabs vs spaces

Why should people participate in CTFs and programs like JOLT? To have fun while learning and making friends. 

What is your best piece of advice for a wannabe developer/coder/tech guru? You don’t learn by taking the easy path. 

JOLT Hackathon is a weekend-long, cyber security-themed, Jeopardy style CTF competition. On-site expert Game Masters monitor and adjust the challenges in a responsive, real-time environment to ensure that everyone has fun while they  learn new skills. Learn more and register your team at