Bridget Farris, Software and Information Technology Expert

Bridget Farris has over 30 years of experience in assessing competing strategic initiatives and evaluating their ability to deliver on business needs.

Bridget has in-depth intellectual property design and development experience, ranging from business process modeling, to designing and building capability maturity models such as the the Merger Match compatibility assessment.

She is a partner to two US patents involving capability maturity models and is trained and certified in CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) developed by Carnegie Melon University.

Her background provides experience ranging from cloud, mobile and internet based systems, to data center based design, to delivery and systems management expertise. She has assessed and led technology selections to control and reduce cost of ownership, and has provided leadership in technical product management, design and development of various software systems, and technology infrastructure management.

Her resume includes a wealth of corporate management experience, including managing client relationships, staff management and leadership, solutions and product management, technology infrastructure management, software development, and technology platform / solution design.

Merger Match, Bridget's current entrepreneurial venture is her third. She also founded a cloud based document, email and web site hosting service as well as a consulting practice for the marketing and financial services industries.

Bridget is also passionate about literacy, and is a Board member and advocate for Literacy Action of Central Arkansas. Bridget also serves as a Mentor and is a member of the Venture Center, promoting the entrepreneurial environment in central Arkansas.