Did You Know That 22% Of Arkansas Startups Are Women-Founded Businesses?

by Emily ReevesDirector of Digital Innovation and Insight Planning at Stone Ward Follow Emily on Twitter @Reeves501.

Next week, November 18-22, is Global Entrepreneurship Week. There will be free events in Little Rock every night for entrepreneurs.

The week kicks off Monday night with a panel of women entrepreneurs who will share their startup stories, challenges and obstacles, wins and successes. The official subject of the panel discussion is: Unique Challenges Faced By Women Startup Founders. This event is great for an entrepreneur of either gender: it will be an opportunity for networking, finding potential partners and meeting mentors. Men should be especially interested in this event because there are a lot of perks to having a female co-founder on you team.

The panel line-up includes:

Alese Stroud will be moderating the panel of women entrepreneurs. Alese is Managing Partner the Stroud Group Consulting. She is a startup mentor and investor who recognizes business ideas with great potential.

Mille Ward, President of Stone Ward. Millie is my boss and mentor. I have worked for her over 12 years. Her stories of the early days of business are entertaining and are true startup scenarios that new businesses can expect to experience. Millie will talk about starting in a one room office with three employees and growing to full-service communications agency with offices in Little Rock and Chicago with global clients.

Martina Welke, Co-Founder and CEO of Zealyst. In her current role, Martina works with companies looking to build employee engagement and foster a connected culture within those companies. She has been a part of several startup companies and knows the ins and outs of starting from the ground up.

Julie Lenzer Kirk lives and breathes startups. In Maryland, she works with entrepreneurs to coach them into business growth, heads up Startup Maryland. Julie understands that innovation through startups can drive economic development. She will be providing tips for getting started with a business. As a professional speaker and published author, Julie will have much to add to the conversation.

Vanessa Brutschy is a brand and marketing strategist currently working with startup company InternMatch. She excels at finding a brand's story and telling it in an interesting way to connect with customers. Vanessa understands that people need to be constantly learning to stay on top of the next innovative idea.

This panel of strong and successful women will no doubt be full of interesting stories, valuable tips and instant connections. RSVP to this free event and bring a notebook and pen because you will want to write down everything they say.

The event starts at 5:30 PM at the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce. You can RSVP here.