Getting Creative With Technology At Makers’ Lab

by Emily ReevesDirector of Digital Innovation and Insight Planning at Stone Ward Follow Emily on Twitter @Reeves501.

Last Tuesday night, Global Entrepreneurship Week continued with an open house event at the Argenta Innovation Center for demonstrating some of the tools that will be available once the Fab Lab is fully up and running.

Approximately 40 to 50 people circulated through the space during the event time and watched a 3-D printer at work, a custom computer built with a Raspberry Pi, and a middle-schooler with his built-from-scratch robot run by his computer.

The Arkansas interest in the “maker movement” was evident by the attendance and the conversations happening in pods around the space through the evening. I overheard talks of lasers, blowing stuff up, high design, robots and literally making anything you can dream up. The energy, excitement and awe were prevalent among those who attended. Arkansans are clearly hungry for what the Fab Lab will soon provide as a place of learning, experimenting and networking with like-minded people.