Little Rock Delta Challenge Draws Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs from around the Delta region converged on Little Rock Thursday night for one of the semi-finals of the Delta Regional Authority's Delta Challenge pitch competition.

Fifteen entrepreneurs participated in the competition, delivering 3-minute "investor pitches" for a panel of expert judges.

“We are excited to see the Delta Entrepreneurship Network grow so much in one year. The entrepreneurs pitching at these Delta Challenge competitions represent all that is good with our region-creativity, drive, and innovation,” DRA Chairman Chris Masingill said.

Due to the quality of the ideas presented, Chairman Masingill instructed the judges to select 4 finalists (instead of 3) from the Little Rock competition. The winners were awarded a fellowship with the Delta Entrepreneur Network (DEN).

The DEN fellowship includes future training workshops and the opportunity to participate in a special segment of New Orleans Entrepreneur Week—produced by The Idea Village—in March 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Network fellows will showcase their ideas to investors, participate in programmatic workshops, and connect with fellow entrepreneurs, industry experts, and mentors.

“I'm proud that through the DEN and our partners like the Venture Center, the DRA can connect entrepreneurs to the organizations, mentors, and investors that will help them achieve success," Chairman Masingill added. "Congratulations to all; we look forward to working with these entrepreneurs in the coming months.”

If you missed the event, you can view the full pitch competition on our YouTube Channel.

Delta Challenge Winners

The winners of Thursday night's event were the following:

Feather, *LineGard Med, Renewable Energies, Inc., *Zuni Learning Tree, *Cart Delivered (Alternate)

*Venture Center Member Companies