Modern Workforce Development

It's no longer good enough to just ship your employees off to the next corporate conference, tradeshow or get-together.  The leading edge of modern workforce development is hands-on. Smart companies are leveraging the assets of their community as well as gamifying the learning process in a real world environment.  According to, foward-thinking organizations incorporate these techniques in their training initiatives.

"The incorporation of game mechanics and game-based principles into a training setting is gaining popularity among forward-thinking organizations."

Everything the Venture Center does is to promote the creation of viable, investable businesses. A vital component of a healthy startup community is a thriving knowledge-based talent pool. The majority of startup businesses fail, and we as a community must work together to retain the top talent in our City.

To this end, every "first touch" program the Venture Center launches (such as JOLT, 2 Days to Startup, Catalyst, etc.) is designed to bring cutting edge workforce training techniques to Central Arkansas.

Hands-On, Real-World Training

In addition to gamifying the learning process, modern organizations recognize the power of hands-on education. Today's professional wants to jump in, try things out, and learn and grow.

This afternoon, IBM Bluemix Chief Architect, Russ Beardall joined area professionals, startup founders, and representatives from government and higher education to present a technical lab on the power of the Bluemix cloud platform for DevOps professionals.

The lab included hands-on exploration of IBM's Insights for Twitter application. Users were able to easily create a web application that combed Twitter data for real-time insights.

The Future of Modern Workforce Development

Modern workforce development is here. The Venture Center remains committed to building out programming which enriches the knowledge bank growing here in Central Arkansas, but we must all work together to attract, and more importantly, retain the top talent in our State. It's not enough to sit back and settle for the status quo.

But then an entrepreneur exists to ask the question "what if--," to dream of a better way, and to make that dream a reality.

ICYMI: Watch the Presentation