Nicholas Norfolk | Social Media Maestro

@Absolut_Zer0 on Social Media

You know that old saying, “Do what you love, and opportunities will find you.”? Well Nicholas Norfolk happens to love finding ways to connect with people through social media, and now he’s turning his hobby into an opportunity to create value for others in his community.

I first noticed Nicholas through a short-lived tweet chat I started. Soon after, Nicholas decided to attend the first 1 Million Cups Little Rock session, and I immediately recognized him from his tweets. Not only did I recognize him, but most attendees who actively use Twitter knew Nicholas through his active engagement in our digital community.

Since Nicholas is a natural fit to lead any social media brand, we quickly added him to the 1 Million Cups team. Now Nicholas is continuing his journey towards solidifying himself as the social media guru, driving thought leadership and expanding the Little Rock social media scene.

One of Nicholas’s first opportunities to show his prowess was at The Venture Center’s Code•IT! on June 24, 2014. Here’s a glimpse at what we learned.

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3 Key Elements to Social Media • Strategy

• Engagement

• Community


Most Prominent Goal for Social Media

Audience —> Community —> Customer


Use engagement to get a better understanding of your customer.

-Test your customer’s interests.


Visual Content is more engaging, especially when it aligns with your message.


Link to content on YOUR website and make sure followers have an easy way to get there.


Social media takes time. Sometimes it’s good to set one day for scheduling important posts.

-Make sure these are unique and do  not appear like spam.


And finally… BE CONSISTENT!