PFITR: Small Team Grows Big Dreams

PFITR Team Expands

The months following the VC Fintech Accelerator have been busy for PFITR. The company joined the inaugural portfolio of the VC FinTech program at the Venture Center this summer.

Already in the middle of a capital raise, PFITR founder, Jim Koetting hit the ground running, hiring his first employee, Larry Elfstrom. A short time later, Eileen Devereux  joined the team. Elfstrom and Devereux are based in Little Rock and work out of the Little Rock Technology Park temporary space at 107 E. Markham Street. Koetting currently splits his time between St. Louis and Little Rock.

Meet Larry Elfstrom

Larry Elfstrom is a seasoned sales professional with decades of experience. Larry worked in the insurance industry until 2012 and then followed his passion to a startup in agricultural technology. He worked in the industry for several years.

Serendipity led Larry to PFITR. In the summer of 2016, Larry met Jim Koetting when he picked him up for an Uber ride. The two began chatting, and soon Larry was in negotiations to join Jim's team.

"I always worked remote. Coming down here (to the Venture Center) and being in this environment is energizing," said Elfstrom. "Being a part of building something new and making it grow is really exciting."

Meet Eileen Devereux

Eileen Devereux worked six years for a D.C.-based software company. Eileen covered the company's latin American clients throughout Central and South America and Europe. 

Eileen met PFITR founder, Jim Koetting, through a mutual friend connected to The Venture Center. Eileen met several founders of 2016 VC FinTech portfolio companies through The Venture Center. 

"I love working for an organization that is making things better," said Devereux. "Making government institutions more effective and efficient for the people they serve is a major component of what we do at PFITR."

What Lies Ahead for PFITR?

Elfstrom is proud to be the first sales employee hired at PFITR. "Right now we're small. We're pushing this thing uphill," said Elfstrom. "But I'm looking forward to when we crest the top and it begins rolling downhill with momentum like a snowball."

Devereux agrees. "We're starting at the bottom and that's exciting," she said. "We're in a good place. Startups have amazing support here at The Venture Center with resources, mentorship and everything you do here. It's reassuring for startups to know they're not alone. Right now it's just three of us, but we have a map to become successful."

"Ultimately, it's exciting to see Jim's vision blossom with our help," said Elfstrom.

We at The Venture Center are proud of the success of each of the VC FinTech companies. PFITR is already making an impact, creating jobs here in Arkansas. The future is bright for this innovative fintech company. We look forward to the impact they will continue to make nationally in the financial services industry.

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