Pre-Flight - Spring 2015 Look Who's Talking

Participants of the first Pre-flight class presented by the Venture Center are buzzing about the difference it made for their business ideas.  We sat down with a few of our participants to uncover what they learned, how the class impacted the development of their business ideas, and how Pre-flight impacted them as they move forward.

What Did Pre-Flight Teach You?

Pre-flight will take you from idea to product launch...and beyond.

"You have to do the work but the work is made much more efficient than testing your process on your own or paying a lot of money.  This program is really deep and rich with good tools and methodologies that are proven steps that work." Mike McGibbony

Pre-flight gives entrepreneurs a chance to test an idea. Sometimes that leads to powerful insights and major adjustments.

"Our idea took a complete pivot as a result of Pre-flight.  The new version has significantly more upside potential, and this change is directly a result of conversations with our mentors." Alese Stroud

Jordan King learned the value of actually connecting to customers who would buy and use the product or service you're wanting to offer. Real time feedback from potential customers can make all the difference.

"My greatest takeaway from Pre-flight is that any idea can seem impossible until you talk about it with potential customers who actually experience the problem you seek to fix."Jordan King

Pre-Flight Builds Lasting Connections

Life--and so much of business--is all about connections. Pre-flight supercharges the entrepreneur's endeavors by connecting her to a powerful arsenal of mentors, collaborators and colleagues.

"I significantly increased my professional network, meeting many knowledgeable members of the local business community. Pre-flight will enable aspiring entrepreneurs to get nagging business ideas out of their heads and in front of experienced mentors who can help validate and possibly turn them into full-fledged startups." Jordan King

Pre-flight impacts real people and real businesses in Arkansas!

"Pre-Flight is the most efficient use of time and money toward evaluating whether or not your idea has legs. No other program in Arkansas will give you the wealth of access to rock star mentoring." Alese Stroud

Pre-flight creates momentum in your own business by connecting you with a class full of collaborators on the same journey.  It's easy to see you're not alone as a budding entrepreneur.

"The great people that I met, truly.  It's kind of cliche but I really did enjoy meeting the people and watching everyone's progress from day one." Mike McGibbony

Pre-flight Produces Great Results!

"Look before you leap," Mom always said. Good advice. Pre-flight provides a practical method for the application of this wisdom for the entrepreneur

"Pre-flight changed my approach to an idea.  Before, I would have jumped in to build the product without validating the concept. The end result was well worth the sacrifice . . . we now know we have a viable project." Alese Stroud

Pre-flight teaches so much more than business development. It's about gaining confidence, stretching yourself beyond where you think you can go, and pushing the boundaries of the potential of your business idea.

"I became more confident in my presentation skills and learned a great deal about the entrepreneurship process." Jordan King

Don't Miss Out on Pre-flight, Spring 2015!

It is the final hour, but you can still join the first Pre-flight of 2015 at The Venture Center.

We’ll help you clarify your business idea and take it to product launch…and beyond!  Discover the potential of your idea. For an investment of $750, you gain access to the full program for two team members.

Join our educators, mentors and connect with fellow entrepreneurs to supercharge your business.

Don’t waste weeks, months, or even years trying to go it alone. You can take advantage of the guidance of years of experience that Venture Center mentors have to offer.

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