Tech Cocktail Mixer: Great Expectations for the Little Rock Startup Community (#startupweek2014)

The Buzz of Little Rock Startup “History in the Making”

The night was electric. The energy of Club Level was buzzing like the hum of the conversation that filled the air. Attendees strolled among the exhibitors’ tables, enjoying the night of drinks, food and fun sponsored by Tech Cocktail and hosted by Tech Cocktail co-founder Frank Gruber.

AVC president Lee Watson noted the feeling of expectancy that filled the air. “Take a moment to look around you,” he encouraged attendees. “In five years, you’ll remember this week and that you were here at the beginning of something really amazing in the start-up community in Arkansas and Little Rock.”

His words summed up the feelings of many attendees. It was like the moment your mouth starts to water when you smell the pie nearly done baking. Something is happening in Little Rock. Something great.

Great Expectations in Little Rock Start-up Community

The Tech Cocktail Mixer, held at Club Level on Main Street in downtown Little Rock Wednesday evening provided Little Rock startups another chance to pitch their ideas for live text voting by attendees for a chance to win tickets to attend the TC Week (do you know what the official name of this even is? I want to link it appropriately) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

While votes of the live voting were being tabulated, a second winner was awarded based on votes taken by Tech Cocktail’s readers over the last few weeks. Unni Peroth of bfonics was the “reader’s choice”. Bfonics provides an affordable, powerful and scalable proximity-based marketing platform for retailers. Congrats, bfonics!

With a drum roll of open palms beating against bar tables and stools, the winner of the on-site voting was announced. Passenger Baggage Xpress (PBX) is a customer service solution to help connect airlines and consumers when a traveler’s luggage is misplaced in transit through the use of a mobile platform.

Ideas are popping up everywhere. New businesses are being cultivated and nurtured. There is a feeling of camaraderie and excitement among the members of the Arkansas Venture Center and the start-up community in Little Rock.

2014 has been an incredible year with the growth of the AVC, successful ARK Challenges, exciting new products and services borne to market right here in Little Rock.

2015 is a year of great expectations…and we’re just getting started!