FIS Fintech Founder Feature Q&A | With Abhishek Goel of Dasceq

Posted on October 14, 2020
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Q: What sparked the idea for Dasceq?

A: I have worked for more than 15 years with many banks and fintech companies, and realized that banks typically focus on marketing and credit underwriting modeling, and have a limited focus on collections. We thought bringing next generations AI tools to the collections process would help the bank’s operations.

Q: What has been the biggest hurdle in starting and growing Dasceq?

A: The biggest challenge for us has been marketing and sales. Being able to consistently grow the marketing and sales funnel and attract future prospects is tough, however, we have been able to build a significant number of partner relationships this year, which has helped significantly. We truly appreciate our FIS partnership for being able to make a difference to their clients with our product.

Q: What entrepreneur inspires you the most?

A: I love the passion of Elon Musk to enter and solve new cutting-edge problems and admire customer-centricity of Jeff Besos. There are several other entrepreneurs that I follow and love their motivation, team spirit, and product mindset. Being a Founder, one of the big things is to learn from multiple founders and hopefully not make a similar mistake.

Q: What has your experience with the FIS Fintech Accelerator been like?

A: The FIS Fintech Accelerator, in partnership with The Venture Center, has been a rewarding experience for Dasceq. We were able to do interact with multiple banks, credit unions, and auto companies who have helped to validate our product in a short period of time. Additionally, we are grateful for the feedback of the mentors. They have really helped to strengthen us in all areas of the company from marketing, sales, product, and pricing.

Q. What do you see for the future of your company?

A: Dasceq is well-positioned to grow in the current high-risk market. Our product is ready to make a difference in the Collections area for Lenders and Debt Collectors.

 See Dasceq at the 2020 Virtual FIS Fintech Accelerator Demo Day!