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Lift the Rock Presents DLRP + Three Fold Noodles

The February Lift the Rock features Downtown Little Rock Partnership's Executive Director, Gabe Holmstrom and Three Fold Noodles + Dumpling Co's Master Chef and Owner, Lisa Zhang.

Enjoy learning about resources available from Downtown Little Rock Partnership over lunch at the Venture Center and get ready to be inspired by the startup story of Little Rock's finest noodle establishment, Three Fold.

About Lisa Zhang, Chef + Owner, Three Fold Noodle and Dumpling Co:

Lisa Zhang is the chef and owner of Three Fold Noodles + Dumpling Co: She often describes herself as, not a chef, but rather a person with a passion for turning every-day dishes into to something extraordinary. She applies creativity to her cooking as well as her business, and likes to learn the wisdom that various cultures can teach us, taking notes from both the culinary scene and from society. She treasures quiet time, as she believes in the old Chinese philosophy: that tranquility yields transcendence.

About Downtown Little Rock Partnership:
A 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to accelerate the success of Downtown Little Rock, through leadership, partnership, and initiative, sustaining and growing our vibrant urban core.