Jessica Johnston-Myers


With an extensive background in sales, marketing and operations, Jessica is responsible for all Venture Center programming and operations efforts. She oversees program design and development as well as implementation and execution. 

Jessica has a background in theater and set design and is uniquely fitted to create an engaging participant experience for each program or event. Additionally, her time leading a multi-million dollar-producing real estate team equipped Jessica as an expert operational and organizational manager.

Whether it is branded M&M's, custom T-shirts or fantastic southern cooking, Jessica pulls out all the stops to ensure that The Venture Center's programs pack a punch.

Her spirit animal is a cookie and—despite all odds—she plans to one day work in President Bartlett's White House. 

Advice to entrepreneurs: Own your stage. Be coachable. Sell the thing. Remember: If you don't have sales, you have a hobby, not a business.