Paul Gower

Paul Gower.jpg

Paul Gower is a software developer focused on adding value to clients' businesses, augmenting existing systems or building and implementing new ones. He was the kid who always had to know how things worked. The one who spent a rainy Saturday taking apart and figuring out how to fix the family VCR. 

Paul's interest in computers and IT began to blossom in high school. It was an intensive six- month course through Alltel’s “Client Server University” that helped him realize what he wanted to do for a living, and propelled his career forward. Two months training in VB6 (fat client side), two months of C++ (server side), and six weeks of Java (thin client side) helped him recognize how I could use my skills and knowledge to help others.

He developed his skills professionally at Edgewater as a Software Developer and Lead Technologist, gaining broad exposure to the Microsoft Stack. He developed an enterprise application with 10 other developers over a two-year period. He collaborated with the Lead Architect to introduce a new database project genre for Visual Studio.

More recently as Lead Developer/Architect with Catholic Health Initiatives, Paul architected numerous mission-critical system enhancements, and designed and co-developed the organization’s new Medical Information System.

Paul thrives as a trusted resource—as a developer of training materials, and a trainer, thought leader, author of informational articles and blog posts. He is passionate about writing “reader-friendly” code that is scalable, maintainable, and with as little “technical debt" as possible.