The October Code•It! technical speaker series features 3 leading experts from Acxiom Corporation. They will give an overview of five no SQLs--Aerospike, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Mongo, and Redis--in twenty five minutes.

Scott Jones has been the Principal Architect of Enterprise Architecture specializing in transactional system and software as a service at Acxiom Corporation for the last 15 years. Mr. Jones is currently restructuring one of Acxiom's core solutions.

Scott will be profiling Aerospike and Mongo.

Nishad Karekar has been a product and expert architect with a focus in enterprise architecture at Acxiom Corporation.  Mr. Karekar will cover Cassandra and Elastic Search, and then Scott Jones will be joined by Frank Ledo remotely to discuss Redis.

Mr. Ledo is a System Architect and Engineering Leader at Acxiom Corporation.

Following the rapid-fire presentation, participants will be able to engage in a spirited Q&A with the experts.