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Venture Center member company Apptegy is making waves by revolutionizing the way schools communicate. The Apptegy platform allows schools to share the daily successes and accomplishments of their students and staff across multiple channels in an efficient, seamless and instant web application. Apptegy not only changes the story schools are sharing, but it amplifies the story of success that reaches key stakeholders.

The Venture Center’s premier Mentorship Network made a big impact, according
to founder
Jeston George: “The mentorship that Venture Center mentors provided
was invaluable to the successful growth of Apptegy, especially during the process
of our first-round capital raise. Being able to glean wisdom and guidance from mentors who had successfully walked that path allowed us to accelerate the process and
move forward as a vibrant, viable and growing company.”

The Venture Center is proud of the growth of our member companies. Apptegy is making real economic impact in our community and is helping to retain key technical talent in Central Arkansas.

We’re excited about the growth this company has already experienced, and we know this is just the start.