Brian Bauer


With has a background as an operations manager with the US Navy, Brian holds responsibility for coordinating the recruiting, screening and selection of the VC FinTech cohort. He also oversees logistics and management of the teams for the VC FinTech founders teams.

As a part of another small and specialized team at The Venture Center, he leverages these skill sets and experiences to help early-stage financial technology companies along their paths to success. From sourcing deal-flow through program execution, the environment is fast-paced challenging.

His background, hands-on experience and management of this important program make him an invaluable asset to our team. Additionally, The VC Team has voted him "Most Likely to Hotwire a Car," which may be equally valuable.

Advice to entrepreneurs: Don’t get lost in the ‘startup activity.’ Focus on sales. Set goals, plan, and execute—continue that cycle indefinitely.