Andrew Lewis

As the Venture Center's Hacker in Residence, Andrew Lewis serves as a liaison for the Venture Center's technical programs and the community. Working with corporate partners, Andrew develops content that meets the needs of the industry.

Andrew serves as the team captain of the UALR Cyber Security Team where he has competed in international capture the flag (CTF) competitions. In addition, he has designed for two local CTF competitions. He is currently a senior, earning his bachelor degree in Computer Science.

In addition to his expertise in Software Development, Cyber Security Analytics, and Digital Forensic Investigations, Andrew has a wide range of accomplishments and interests.

Andrew has four years of Architectural Design experience and was the winner of a National Skyscraper Design Competition. He is also a reservist in the US Navy. In addition to his professional pursuits, he has played soccer for eleven years as well as coached youth soccer leagues. 

Follow him at @FrostByte_AR