John Owens

John Owens is the President & CEO of the North Little Rock Chamber. Prior to that, John served at the President of Hortus Ltd., P. Allen Smith Companies. In his role, John was responsible for day-to-day operations of the business including finance, marketing, sales, tours and events, annual budgeting, strategic planning, and a hosts of other activities.

Owens, a North Little Rock native, has enjoyed a successful career in retail and branded consumer products. Owens began his career in the grocery business as a stock clerk for the Kroger Company in Lakehill Shopping Center (Parkhill Neighborhood). He quickly advanced his career and ultimately served as President, Vice-Chairman, and Co-founder of CROSSMARK, a leading sales and marketing services company that provides growth solutions for consumer-branded suppliers and retailers. After his time at CROSSMARK, Owens served as CEO for ZOOTS Inc. and Sun & Earth.