Welcome to Demo Day!


Thank you for joining today as we celebrate the third cohort of the Venture Center FinTech Accelerator program sponsored by FIS.

It’s fitting to reflect on the history of financial technology as it relates to Little Rock. In 1968, a company called Systematics evolved to help banks overcome difficulties with data processing demands. An opportunity was recognized and the company was born. Thus, Little Rock became the birthplace of FinTech. Much has changed since 1968 - today, Systematics is an integral part of FIS and the 23,000 clients it serves. FIS’s global footprint, 57,000 employees and $9+ billion in annual revenue have set FIS apart from its competition as the world leader in financial services technology.

The VC FinTech Accelerator - represents the next generation of FinTech companies led by founders focused on solving the problems of the financial industry. Whether looking to disrupt or improve the financial services industry, the opportunities provided here in the home of FinTech are extraordinary. It has been an honor for me and my colleagues at The Venture Center to work with all the various stakeholders in this year’s accelerator.  

Being an entrepreneur is a courageous undertaking. The founders you will see today were chosen from over 350 applicants from around the globe. They have taken enormous risks in their quest to build a business and solve a problem. We are proud of the dedication, hard work and the keen focus they have demonstrated over these past 12 weeks. Take time to get to know them.

We are excited to watch them as they continue to evolve and contribute to the ever-changing landscape of FinTech.

Welcome to Little Rock and thank you for joining us!


Sponsored by FIS and the State of Arkansas, the VC FinTech Accelerator is focused on identifying and accelerating the development of early-stage financial technology ventures. The 2018 program received 281 applications from startups across the United States and 46 other countries.

The 2018 Cohort:


The Venture Center has negotiated discounted event rates at the DoubleTree Parking Deck ($6) next to the Robinson Center and the Statehouse Convention Center Parking Deck ($1) a few blocks away at 2nd and Main Street. Please bring your parking ticket to the Demo Day registration desk for validation.

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