The Venture Center is the gateway to entrepreneurship in Central Arkansas. Our Huddle Hour is the first step in building your idea or growing your existing business. This free service is the fastest way to get your idea on track.

How does Huddle Hour work? A Venture Center certified mentor will schedule an hour with you or your team to discuss your idea, product, service or existing company. The outcome of this meeting will be a recommended path for building or growing your business.

Does Huddle Hour cost money? No, Huddle Hour is a one-time free service to the entrepreneurial community in Central Arkansas.

How do I sign up for a Huddle Hour session? Use our Huddle Hour Registration page to select a convenient time for your free mentor discussion.

Why should I use the Venture Center’s Huddle Hour service for my idea? Our certified mentors are experts in listening to business pitches and asking powerful questions to define your current business state. Once this is achieved, a recommended path either within the Venture Center or through our community partners for support can be identified.

What type of ideas and companies can benefit from Huddle Hour? We support all entrepreneurs and ideas to identify a pathway to growth. Whether you've been hashing it out on your own or you're just getting started, the Huddle Hour can help you determine your best next steps.

How else can the Venture Center help my business idea? Venture Center members ($150 annually) enjoy access to additional entrepreneurial programming, networking events and technical educational opportunities.