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Want Faster Internet? Become a Member of The Venture Center and get access to our 500 MB Wireless Fiber!



Broadband Development Group offers high-speed Internet access to residential and business subscribers in Multi-Tenant Units.  By using LAN technology to connect to subscribers instead of DSL and Cable Modems, we are able to deliver services

up to 1 Gbps without a modem

- much faster than services typically offered by telephone and cable companies.


Market prices vary, but on average, our HyperLeap Internet access services are priced about

40% lower

than other companies charge.  By optimizing our network architecture and business processes around multi-tenant units, we're able to offer services at a much lower price.


HyperLeap's instant activation is revolutionary!  Our network connects directly to your laptop, phone, or tablet computer - no need for DSL, cable, or wireless modem.  That means no equipment to buy or lease, no technicians to install service, no equipment returns and

no waiting

. And our prepaid instant service means there is no contract, no billing, no late fees, no collections.