What Is Lift the Rock?

Startup Community + Business Community = Next Stage of Growth

Lift the Rock is a local program designed to integrate growing startup companies with the established business community in Central Arkansas.

With doors opening for coffee Tuesday morning at 8:30 am and the program starting promptly at 9:00 am, Lift the Rock answers the question: What next?

Connections and Growth

The Venture Center is committed to creating an engine for economic growth in Central Arkansas. A vital part of the success of that vision is connecting local high-growth startups to the established business community.

Each week, startup entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to present their company with a clear focus on driving sales. This focus leads to more valuable connections which result in increased business development for the entire community. Additionally, participants will connect, network and celebrate successes each week. Lift the Rock is the next phase for startup growth, evolution, learning and celebration of success.

I want to thank The Venture Center for giving me the opportunity to pitch our big idea on retirement savings. They had a room full of entrepreneurs and business owners who were generous with their time and eager to help vision how we can succeed in getting our idea in front of large companies. I didn’t imagine that such an organization existed. Even walking into the Tech Park I felt wrapped in the energy of ideas getting fostered and launched. What a mission.

Parking was great. Incredible presentation space. More importantly, the details mattered. The program was timely, well thought through and the referral cards at the end were ingenious. When you sent that email with the referral cards before lunch I was floored.

Talk about underpromising and overdelivering. I had no idea what I was getting. You have a dedicated fan.
— Sarah Catherine Gutierrez, Aptus Financial
Lift the Rock is a great opportunity to bring together local, rapid-growth companies and marry their products or services into our broader business community on a weekly basis.
— Mayor Mark Stodola, Little Rock
This program is a strategic play to build connections that lead to real sales and foster relationships leading to the long-term growth and health of our startup and business communities.
— Lee Watson, President & CEO - The Venture Center