Mentorship is more than advice over a cup of coffee. Those accepted into the Venture Center's elite team of mentors are carefully curated from top business and technical professionals in the city. 

The Venture Center's Mentor Training Program guides participants through an introduction to the unique Venture Center methodology and mission. In addition, prospective mentors learn how to mentor a startup founder who is taking a business from idea stage to a scalable, investable venture.

Lou McAlister, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Lou McAlister, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Lou McAlister, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Broadband Development Group is Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Venture Center. Lou leads participants through a half-day course which shares the Venture Center's mission and vision, the qualities that make a successful mentor, and how to conduct an effective mentor session.

For an investment of $300 you can join this prestigious network of professionals. (Your investment supports the advancement of the mission of the Venture Center and includes the cost of the mentor training course as well as your first year's membership dues). 

New Venture Center Mentors shadow a trained Mentor for eight sessions. Following completion of the shadowing period, the new mentor may begin conducting solo mentorship sessions.

All mentors are asked to provide availability for a minimum of 4 hours of mentorship, which typically equates to 4-5 mentoring sessions per month.