The program officially launches in May.  However, as soon as your company is selected for the accelerator, we will help you work out all the logistics, expectations and commitments to make the transition to Little Rock as easy as possible. 

Evaluation & Acceptance

Applicants being advanced through the evaluation process will be asked for additional information and documentation beyond the initial application. We will schedule founders for a series of video interviews that will consist of founder presentations, demos as well as Q & A.

Our video interviews are conducted through video conference. Applicants are advised to be ready at least 5 minutes early for their interview session due to the volume of applicants and the limited amount of time to conduct the interviews. 


Intense. Aggressive. Focused. The VC FinTech Accelerator's 12-week rigorous on-site program is designed to accelerate the growth of early stage FinTech startups through detailed business development; compliance, regulatory, security and risk management guidance; technology development and specialized financial services content. In addition, we will work with portfolio companies to build a solid, investable model to support founders in seeking additional funding. Concurrent with our curriculum, we have routing and by-appointment attendance by our mentors and subject matter experts to help your business grow. 

The curriculum begins upon acceptance to the accelerator. Participants will complete some deliverables and required reading prior to the program that will be due before the program start date. On day one - we hit the ground running to accelerate your growth. 


The accelerator teams have access to all of The Venture Center's partners (legal, accounting, technology, marketing, etc.) as well as access to great data science and analytics and market research resources from our partners at the University of Arkansas and state-of-the-art, data visualization resources at the UALR Emerging Analytics Center.


The accelerator encourages all entrepreneurs who are poised to disrupt the financial technology space to apply. In addition to working with early stage companies in Core Banking, Payments, Mobile, Compliance, Wearables, Wallets, Back Office, and Fraud & Security, we’re interested in supporting and potentially partnering with startups leveraging emerging technologies like cognitive computing, neural networks, IoT and enterprise blockchain innovation in financial services.


Portfolio companies will receive a $50,000 initial investment. In addition, the companies are eligible to pitch for up to $100,000-300,000 additional investment for selected winner(s) at the end of the program. The Venture Center will also leverage its network of investors 


As the birthplace of early FinTech innovators like Systematics, Arkansas Systems, ABC Financial, Stephens Inc., Mainstream Technologies, and Acxiom, as well as the home of the only FinTech Accelerator powered by the world’s largest financial technology company, Central Arkansas is the place for startups seeking to disrupt the FinTech space. Period.