#KeepInnovating | Adlumin Offers 24/7 OVERWATCH Deployment

Posted on March 27, 2020
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Editor’s Note: Adlumin is one of many alumni of The Venture Center Accelerator programs to keep innovating to provide meaningful assistance to banks during this unprecedented time. Banks in need of security efforts are offered free services during the outbreak. Contact Timothy Evans, Adlumin SVP, Chief of Strategy and Cofounder at Timothy.evans@adlumin.com or 202-352-8001. 


       Adlumin Offers 24/7 OVERWATCH Deployment 

The company offers customers 24/7 SOC service, OVERWATCH, for free during COVID-19 pandemic.

From a recent release: Adlumin will offer existing customers the opportunity to activate its 24/7 SOC Service, OVERWATCH, for free for three weeks. Customers that are interested in activating the service must contact Adlumin by Mar. 27 to set up a deployment date. 

OVERWATCH 24/7 is a Security Operations Center (SOC) service, which helps financial institutions implement a managed compliance, detection and response program. OVERWATCH combines all aspects of information technology and security automation into a single service that includes a managed SIEM, compliance automation, vulnerability scans and penetration testing. This service will help combat the capacity problems that most financial institutions are currently facing within their teams. 

“Adlumin stands in solidarity with financial institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic and realizes the quick impact it’s having on businesses around the world,” says CEO, Robert Johnston. “We are happy to do our part and help ease the capacity concerns that are currently impacting IT teams.” 

As more and more financial institutions are moving to a remote workforce, OVERWATCH is a solution customer can utilize in order to strengthen their IT operations. Adlumin’s 24/7 SOC Service reduces threat detection and response times by continuously scanning and monitoring your network for threats, malfunctions, and IT operation failures. The OVERWATCH team will monitor alerts on customers’ behalf and notify them only if something urgent requires their attention, allowing them to focus on other matters. The deployment process will take no more than 75 minutes.

Adlumin understands that many of its customers are fully occupied managing day-to-day operations in a new environment and will be working closely with its customers throughout this unprecedented time.


About Adlumin           

Adlumin Inc. is the leading security and compliance automation platform for the financial sector. The Adlumin team has a passion for technology and solving the most difficult problems through the targeted application to data science and compliance integration. Ourmission is to “add luminosity” or visibility to every customer’s network processes through real-time threat detection, analysis, and response to ensure sensitive data remains secure