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Empowering Your Tech and Entrepreneurial Journey

The Venture Center Membership Program is designed to foster a vibrant community of tech workers, startup enthusiasts, accelerator participants, local entrepreneurs, small business owners, and business professionals. We offer a range of membership packages tailored to meet the dynamic needs of our members, providing access to co-working spaces, mentorship, exclusive networking opportunities and more.


Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive Access: Co-working spaces, collaborative meeting rooms, and conference rooms.
  • Monthly Mentorship: One-on-one sessions with industry experts to bridge the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and a world-class network of mentors.
  • Networking Opportunities: Access to exclusive members-only events and a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Skill Development: Workshops, talks, and seminars led by industry experts to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Why Join Us?

  • For Tech Workers: A supportive community and resources to explore and transition into entrepreneurial ventures.
  • For Startup-Curious Individuals: Access to a network and events that expand understanding and preparedness for entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • For Accelerator Alumni: Affordable spaces near resources and community, plus mentorship and networking events for continued growth.
  • For Local Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Access to affordable spaces, mentorship, and networking events to grow ventures.
  • For Business Professionals: Platform for staying updated on entrepreneurship trends, networking opportunities, and mentorship for industry shifts or transitioning to entrepreneurial endeavors.

Join Our Community

Ready to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level? Choose the membership plan that best fits your needs and become part of a thriving community of innovators and changemakers.

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Meeting Room Rentals for Non-Members

The Mary Good Room, Venture Center classroom and conference rooms are available for rent! Rates range from $35-$75 an hour with members receiving a discount. Interested in booking a room? Complete the Room Rental Interest form below.

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