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The Venture Center is the front door to entrepreneurship in Central Arkansas and beyond.


The Venture Center helps entrepreneurs turn their startups into viable, high-growth businesses.

By leveraging the expertise of a world class team of mentors, intensive programming and introductions to the investor community, The VC serves as an engine for economic growth. We have bootstrapped our operation for maximum impact and are committed to keep moving the need forward.




Go for it before you go for it.

The starting point for any serious business founder, The Venture Center's Pre-Accelerator is a 10-week, business bootcamp in which participants create a minimum viable product, gain customer validation and accelerate the path to viability. 

Get Ready to jolt

Join us October 6-8 for a unique and entertaining competition. The Jolt Hackathon is a weekend-long cyber security-themed "game of codes." It combines the development of soft skills such as communication, leadership and collaboration as well as real-world, technical hard skills in an exciting interactive learning experience. 



Take the first step toward turning your idea into an investable venture. 
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Whether you're a business professional, investor or entrepreneur, the very best creative collisions happen at the Venture Center. Become a member, build your network and take advantage of all that The VC has to offer. 


Accelerate your business.

Meaningful innovation requires more than just capital. That’s why we’ve developed an extensive network of people, programs and resources to help startups of all phases refine the business model, create a product that is market-ready and ultimately connect to customers and investors.