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Your Mental Health Matters

Think about how you feel today. How did you respond to the stressors of your life this morning? Did your behavior change since yesterday? Good mental health allows individuals to realize their full potential, and why The Venture Center is a huge advocate for this topic. VCHealth brings health and wellness experts and entrepreneurs together to learn, grow, and build a community to help alleviate stress amid trying times. Learn how to respond to stress, From tech company founders to foodie startups, a focus on health is critical for every entrepreneur, but you don’t have to do it alone.
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Mindfulness at Work featuring Kerrie Klauck

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Learn how and why to practice mindfulness techniques in the workplace with Kerrie is the founder of KLauckwork.

A cell phone with social media icons floating around it.

Managing Social Media and Mental Health

Key steps for improving mental health while using social media.

Lorenzo Lewis on Mental Health in the Barbershop and Beyond

The Confess Project has the first and largest organization committed to building a culture of mental health for young men of color, boys and their families by focusing on empowering frontline heroes and sheroes in communities across America – more specifically, The Confess Project trains barbers to be mental health advocates.

Mental Health and Significant Others

Learn tips to effectively recognize and respond to mental health situations affecting your spouse, your partner, or yourself at this one-hour, free virtual workshop.

Toolkit for Employers

Listen for a discussion on the impact of mental health on employees and how to spot and address mental health issues with the appropriate resources.

Suicide Prevention Resources for Entrepreneurs

Mental health in general, and suicide prevention especially, is one of the most important and least-talked about subjects in entrepreneurship. We brought experts to the table to shed light on this issue for Suicide Prevention Month.

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Bruce Trimble, The Bridgeway

Bruce Trimble, MA, APR, is the director of business development for The BridgeWay Hospital, a psychiatric facility for children, adolescents, and adults in North Little Rock, AR. An avid mental health advocate, Trimble was appointed by the Governor of Arkansas to the Suicide Prevention Council in 2015 and served as a co-chair from 2015 to 2017. In 2018, he was instrumental in establishing a call center for the Arkansas Suicide Prevention Hotline.

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