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Introducing JOLT, the ultimate three-day cybersecurity challenge that will leave you charged up and ready to conquer the digital realm. Gather your squad of four and get ready to power through a series of thrilling challenges designed to put your cyber skills to the ultimate test! Save the date for October 6th – 8th hosted on the UALR campus! High school students, college students and professionals are welcome to compete in this weekend-long cybersecurity challenge where their cybersecurity, encoding, and software knowledge will meet their game-winning skills to solve Jeopardy-style challenges designed by cyber experts using real-world techniques.

Embrace the Code Breaker Challenge:

Step into the world of “Code Breaker,” this year’s heart-pounding game at JOLT. Picture this: a heroic protagonist on a mission to thwart a mysterious hacking villain. Immerse yourself in an exciting gameplay experience reminiscent of late 80s and early 90s classics like Mario, Sonic, and Castlevania. Relive the nostalgia of vintage video games as you journey through the digital landscape, facing off against challenges that will truly test your mettle.

Built by a team of cyber Game Makers who know the ins and outs of the digital battlefield, JOLT is not your average hackathon. Get ready to amp up your game as you face off against a range of Jeopardy-style challenges that will challenge your mastery of web vulnerabilities, reverse engineering, encoding, and more. But that’s not all – JOLT isn’t just about showcasing your skills in isolation. It’s about connecting you to real-world tools and techniques that cybersecurity professionals use every day.

Are you ready to break the code and save the day? Get your team of 4 and secure your spot at JOLT now!

Participants have an opportunity to:


Participants compete in teams of 4. A $75 fee per team member ($50 for students) will be due no later than October 5th.

Jolt is designed to be an immersive, fun learning experience. You’ll have a chance to contribute as well as learn from seasoned professionals and technical mentors, no matter your skill level.

Registration includes participation plus :

6 Full Meals + Snacks + Caffeine

Access to technical mentors & exposure to some of the top local tech talent in the region—plus the chance to try out new concepts, tools, and skills

Registrants signed up by Sept. 22nd receive a JOLT T-shirt

Get competition ready with these JOLT.ed Webinars

JOLT.ed Session 1

Encoding & Ciphers

JOLT.ed Session 3

Web Vulnerabilities

JOLT.ed Session 4

Reverse Engineering


Participants since 2019


Game Makers Structuring Challenges and Puzzles

Countless Gallons of Coffee


Only One Team Wins the Big Prize, but All Teams Take Home Knowledge and Experience.

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