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Meet the fintech companies changing the financial services landscape.


Company Name
Alpharank Alpharank gives banks and credit unions data-driven insights to acquire new customers by visualizing problems within their paid and organic activity. Digital 2017 FIS
Alto With a self-directed IRA from Alto®, you can invest your retirement dollars in alternative assets. Wealth 2017 FIS
Arcanum Technology Arcanum Technology provides an innovative and cost-effective authentication solution that helps financial services organizations, banks and online merchants create a safe and secure business environment for their customers. Cybersecurity 2018 FIS
Array Array: Democratize credit data. Deepen connections. Credit monitoring 2021 FIS
Atomic Atomic The trusted way for people to connect their payroll accounts to an app. Authentication / direct deposit 2021 FIS
Bankifi Bankifi is a technology platform designed to make business banking better, enabling banks to provide a set of integrated services - accounting, invoicing and payments - designed around the processes customers use to run their businesses Banking-as-a-service 2021 FIS
BankLabs BankLabs Better Bankers. Better Banks. Lending 2021 FIS
Billon We are Billon. We have civilised blockchain technologies to create the Unified Enterprise DLT System. Payments 2018 FIS
Bleuco Blueco is simple & secure, and accepts touchless payments using a phone or a mobile device. Scale your payment services without the need for hardware. Payments 2016 FIS is AI for finance. AI for good. Powered by the world's first Empathy Engine®. Digital 2017 FIS
ChangEd Pay Off Student Loans Effortlessly! Join thousands who manage, track and payoff their student loans with ChangEd! Student Loans 2019 FIS
Cirrus Secure Cirrus Securehelps bankers close deals faster. Our secure document management system ensures organized, efficient transactions. Automation 2020 FIS
Curu Curu: Stop Losing Accounts. Start Winning Clients. Financial Wellness 2019 FIS
Dasceq Dasceq Helps Lenders, Hospitals, Utility Companies, Govt and Debt Collectors Collect More $$ Faster and Cheaper Repayment 2020 FIS
Denim Social Denim Social: Connect and Convert on Social Successfully scale conversion-optimized campaigns across all social media channels with built-in compliance, publishing tools and more Social 2019 FIS
Digital Onboarding Digital Onboarding's digital engagement platform is built for financial services. Turn account openers into loyal, deep, & profitable relationships Digital 2019 FIS
Dream Forward Dream Forward takes the headache out of your company's 401K. Wealth 2016 FIS
eGiftify eGiftify offers omnichannel gifting & marketing through digital transactions increasing real-life interactions. Loyalty 2017 FIS
Finvoice Welcome to modern lending. Finvoice offers factors and secured commercial lenders a sleek, powerful end-to-end platform to stay ahead of the curve. Lending 2018 FIS
Flutterwave Flutterwave provides the fastest, most seamless payments solutions to suit your business needs, anywhere in the world. Payments 2016 FIS
Fundseeder FundSeeder is a financial data and analytics company providing a free trader platform, emerging manager investment opportunities, and customized software for financial institutions. Data & Analytics 2016 FIS
GasPos Gas Pos: Fastest-Growing POS With Fuel Control & Fleet Card Acceptance Payments 2018 FIS
Genivity Provide your clients with a full picture of their future health and wealth. Set a new Standard of Care with longevity planning, and give your clients personalized models backed by Genivity’s proprietary algorithms. Wealth 2019 FIS
Hexanika Hexanika products reduce costs by delivering useable data and robust regulatory reporting at the speed of now Compliance 2016 FIS, 2020 ICBA
HighSide Powered by HighSide's distributed Encryption & Authentication Protocol, the HighSide platform enables businesses & governments to secure their data and communications while engaging securely in a decentralized, remote first world. Cybersecurity 2019 FIS
Informed.IQ Informed.IQ Turn Documents and Data Into Decisions. Automation 2021 FIS
LeapXL LeapXL: Delivers API integration and application PaaS tools that speed SaaS deployment, collapsing months of development and deployment into a few days and annihilating technical debt. Digital 2020 FIS
LexAlign Financial institutions rely on outdated and increasingly ineffective methods for managing the risk of fraud, breach, and noncompliance across their network of customers, vendors, and partners (third parties). LexAlign’s mission is to help financial institutions control this risk by empowering third-party oversight. Regulatory 2018 FIS
Long Game Long Game Win the Savings Game. Financial wellness 2021 FIS
MallIQ MalllQ: Digitize real-time purchase intent in the physical world and increase activation, frequency, wallet share & retention. Digital 2020 FIS
Monotto Monotto assists financial institutions in improving their technological footprint by offering them white-labeled products that engage their millennial account holders. Digital Banking 2016 FIS
Mortgage Peer Network Mortgage Peer Network makes it easy to communicate with customers and staff, measure performance. Social 2016 FIS
Neener Analytics Neener Analytics gives you the power to fundamentally “know” your applicant, registrant, or customer . . . in just 1-click. Lending 2019 FIS
OakNorth OakNorth Credit Intelligence to transform commercial lending. Lending 2021 FIS
Omnetrium With Omnetrium - Save. Win. Repeat. Deposits 2017 FIS
Pay Your Tuition Pay Your Tuition Funds (PYT) connects families and banks to provide innovative solutions to finance higher education. We believe that technology and data can unlock new solutions to bridge the higher education funding gap. Student Loans 2018 FIS
Plinqit Plinqit your way to what you need most.Decide how much you need to save and we’ll take care of the rest—saving made simple! Best of all, it’s free*! Deposits 2017 FIS
Quotanda Quotanda’s Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) supports dozens of schools, universities, financial institutions, foundations and governments around the world in managing innovative, efficient financial aid. Student Loans 2017 FIS
Railz Railz Real-time accounting data on your customers. Data-as-a-service 2021 FIS
Sendmi Using Sendmi™, employees can get their pay up to two weeks early and send it to any US & Mexican bank account, prepaid cards, or pay bills in 21 different countries. Payments 2019 FIS
Sequretek Sequretek’s AI- and ML-driven technologies ensure that companies are armed against all threats, known and unknown; and drive down the cost of ownership. Cybersecurity 2020 FIS
Silot Silot powers smart banking ecosystems with AI that learns and makes decisions with you. Payments/Digital 2020 FIS
Sonect Sonect lets you withdraw money with your smartphone. Don’t bother going to the bank: with Sonect you can use your smartphone to pick up cash. At over 2,300 partner shops. It’s secure, it’s easy and it’s everywhere. Payments 2018 FIS
Stratyfy Stratyfy's products help you make decisions by leveraging both your expertise and your data. Stratyfy is intuitive and easy to understand, enabling all stakeholders to achieve their objective, understand outcomes, and access the information they need. Data 2020 FIS
Surfly A truly scalable platform, Surfly offers a real-time web sharing technology and enables remote collaboration by showing others what you see in your web browser. Digital 2020 FIS
Tax Status Tax Status Continuous access to IRS records, data and insights on any business or individual. Authentication / lending 2021 FIS
TrustStamp TrustStamp: Mitigate fraud, retain customers, and reach a broader base of users worldwide with AI-powered identity solutions at the intersection of biometrics, privacy, and cybersecurity. Cybersecurity 2020 FIS
Verikai Verikai applies Machine Learning to more accurately assess individual and group risk for the insurance industry. Utilizing behavioral data, Verikai’s platform will help you better understand your groups and outwrite the competition. Data 2018 FIS
Voleo With Voleo, Invest Smarter, Invest Together. Best-in-class investment club apps and software Wealth 2019 FIS
Vymo Vymo Sales Acceleration For Financial Institutions. Customer relationship management 2021 FIS
WalletFi Walletfi is The Subscription Management Platform for community banks, credit unions, and fintechs. Digital 2017 FIS
XpenseOne Introducing XpenseOne, a bank-branded expense management solution used to capture, approve and reconcile business expenses for SMB customers. The first-ever digital automated expense management solution integrated within a bank's online banking portal for a singular user experience. Digital 2020 FIS