The Arkansas Collaborative for Technological and Innovative Venture Equality (ACTIVE) initiative aims to enhance health outcomes throughout Arkansas, creating a supportive environment for the growth of innovative ideas and entrepreneurs.

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BioVentures, in partnership with The Venture Center, has launched the ACTIVE initiative to support early-stage healthcare and health technology companies and socially and economically disadvantaged innovators (SEDI) in Arkansas. This initiative aims to empower entrepreneurs who face social and economic barriers—including racial or ethnic minorities, women, veterans, and individuals with disabilities—to transform healthcare locally and globally. If you are an Arkansas resident with a burgeoning healthcare or health tech business, you may be eligible to participate.


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BioVentures and The Venture Center Launch Accelerator to Bolster

BioVentures has launched the ACTIVE Program in partnership with The Venture Center to give socially and economically disadvantaged innovators (SEDI) in healthcare and technology the opportunity to thrive, focusing on diversity, innovation, and economic inclusivity.

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