Arkansas Tech Startup Showcase, Networking and Community

Welcome to VCTech

VCTech is a new meetup designed especially for Arkansas-based tech startups to network with each other and our community!

At each quarterly VCTech meetup, a tech startup founder from Arkansas will be featured at a networking event. The founder will have an opportunity to demonstrate how their product works, tell their startup story, and have a direct Q & A with attendees. Business will be followed by food, drinks and networking among fellow entrepreneurs and community members.

Introducing The VCTech Pre-Accelerator!

This Pre-Accelerator is a game-changing program designed to fast-track the growth of tech startups. Our 10-week program is specifically tailored for ambitious entrepreneurs in Central Arkansas, offering the support and resources you need to thrive.

What are we looking for in Cohort participants?

Who – Early Stage Technology/Innovation Companies in Central Arkansas
Age – Between 1-5 years
Technology/Innovative Idea- Companies should have an MVP (minimum viable product) or proof of concept to participate in the VCTech Pre-Accelerator. The product, process, or service should address a real business need or gap in a new or significantly different way than what’s been provided traditionally.
Revenue Generating – It is strongly recommended that your company has begun generating revenue; however, companies with a feasible business idea or concept that has potential for growth will be considered.
Business Plan – Your company has worked through some of the foundational details of running your business such as your budget, marketing strategy, production plan, management plan, etc.
Traction – Consideration will be given to companies that have been successful at creating interest with customers, stakeholders, and investors.
Future Growth-Our goal is to attract innovative and technology companies ready to grow! Through our VCTech Accelerator, we want to give early-stage technology and innovation companies the boost they need to be the next big thing!

Key Features:

Comprehensive 10-Week Program: Our intensive curriculum covers essential topics such as busines development, marketing, finance and securing funds
Expert Mentorship and Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom and experience of seasoned mentors and advisors who will provide personalized guidance and industry insights.
Networking Opportunities: Form valuable connections with fellow entrepreneurs, industry experts, potential partners, and investors.
Validation and Feedback: Receive invaluable feedback to refine your business model, product/service offering, and overall strategy.
Investor Readiness Preparation: Gain the knowledge, skills, and materials to craft compelling investor pitches and navigate the fundraising process.
Are you ready to join The Venture Center’s Tech Pre-Accelerator? Apply now to seize this opportunity and fast-track your innovative product or tech startup’s journey.

Check Out Our Lastest Speakers

How Health Tech & The Virtual Pill Case are Revolutionizing Medication Management

Like most Americans, you may be taking prescription medication to treat, manage, or prevent health conditions.

As your refills increase and that pill container gets harder for you to organize, being overwhelmed becomes a habit. That’s because you haven’t met Apothewell, a groundbreaking medication adherence application that puts caregivers first.

VCTech is a new meetup designed for Arkansas-based tech startups to network with each other, our community, and potential investors. Learn about Daniel Sharp’s entrepreneurial journey in health tech, live demos, and how Apothewell is bridging the gap between the pharmacist and ingestion.

The Next Big Thing in AI with Founder

We are excited to introduce Paul Allen, founder of, 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year, and current CEO & Founder of In this Fireside Chat, you will learn about Paul Allen’s entrepreneurial journey from to his current endeavors with and the future of AI.

An Entrepreneur’s Dream with Brian Bauer

We can’t wait for you to meet Brian Bauer, a Navy veteran, entrepreneur, and disruptor in the cannabis financial industry. Abaca is doing in the cannabis financing industry, the services they provide in cannabis banking, and bringing awareness to entrepreneurs seeking financing and resources in this industry.

Zack Hill

Zack Hill, Partner, and CEO of Few. Learn how he has navigated the fast-moving software design and development industry and how he leads teams of content strategists, UX/UI designers, and developers. Few has also attracted the business of well-known clients such as Tyson, General Electric, and Walmart.

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