Little Rock’s Venture Center Launches Membership Model, Cultivating a Hub for Innovation and Community

Posted on May 1, 2024
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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (May 1, 2024) – The Venture Center announced the launch of its VC Membership Program in partnership with the Little Rock Tech Park. The program offers a range of tiered membership plans designed to support a diverse group of entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, business professionals, and Little Rock Tech Park tenants by providing affordable access to networking opportunities and exclusive members-only events. Membership benefits range from co-working space access and member-only discounts to one-on-one professional mentorship pairings. 

Ashley Jones, PMP, director of operations at The Venture Center, emphasizes the new offering’s holistic nature: “This membership model is more than your traditional workspace solution. We’ve spent the last ten years building an ecosystem for nurturing and accelerating professional growth – whether for our region’s entrepreneurs or Little Rock’s tech talent. This new program aims to create a dynamic environment that builds community and transfers knowledge to those seeking to grow and innovate for themselves or for their businesses.”

The program’s benefits extend beyond physical space. Members can gain access to mentorship and online resources, member chat channels, and a supportive community atmosphere. The program also offers the motivational backing crucial for navigating the entrepreneurial journey. 

Organizations like The Venture Center are crucial for stimulating local economic growth by supporting the development of startups and small businesses,” said Brent Birch, executive director of the Little Rock Tech Park. “Their work aids in job creation and business expansion, providing entrepreneurs with essential resources and a collaborative environment to reduce the typical risks associated with new ventures. I can’t wait to see how this program changes the landscape of central Arkansas.”

This initiative is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs and professionals seeking community and cost-effective workspace solutions. The Venture Center’s website provides detailed information on affordable membership options, including special rates and tiered pricing. For more information about the VC Membership Program or to join The Venture Center’s vibrant community, visit or contact

About The Venture Center
The Venture Center is a globally recognized Arkansas-based Entrepreneurial Support Organization (ESO) that helps entrepreneurs turn their start-ups into viable, high-growth businesses. By leveraging the expertise of a world-class team of mentors, intensive programming, and introductions to the investor community, The Venture Center serves as an engine for economic growth in Arkansas and beyond.