Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Mentor and How to Find One

Posted on July 8, 2021
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Mentorship can be one of the most powerful drivers of success in the life of an entrepreneur. Please watch or listen to our panel discussion with experienced mentors and mentees on how to establish these relationships, and how a mentor or mentee can help your professional life flourish!

Mimi San Pedro, Abby Sims, and John Harrison served as our mentors, and Nicole Winstead, Angela McGhee and Tracy Cook spoke from a mentee perspective. We covered:

  • Concrete ways mentorship can transform your business
  • How to find or become a mentor
  • What a successful mentoring relationship looks like

Here are a few words of wisdom from our mentors and mentees:

If you’re looking for a mentor or mentee yourself, please check out our mentorship program! We would love to get YOU connected!