Spark! Meet the Founder | Meosha Howard, Infidimensional Skin

Posted on October 8, 2021
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Welcome to our Spark! Meet the Founder series, where we introduce you to the amazing entrepreneurs who are participating in our Spark! 2021 program with a quick Q&A!

Spark! is a small business pre-accelerator that puts the right people, opportunities, and access in place for local entrepreneurs in Arkansas to grow their venture to the next level. 

Please meet Meosha Howard, founder of Infidimensional Skin. Infidimensional Skin creates skincare paths for clients to obtain the beautiful skin they deserve, focusing on beauty and wellness through waxing, skincare, and relaxation.

The Venture Center: Why did you become an entrepreneur?

Meosha Howard: I kinda always knew I wanted to work for myself. I got my first job at 15 and from that point, I never felt like I wanted to work for someone else. I’ve had every job you could name, and I never felt connected until I stepped into entrepreneurship. It motivates me everyday because I have to rely solely on myself to make my business succeed.

TVC: What problem does your business solve? 

Howard: Infidimensional Skin helps clients to reach their skincare goals. We all have things we’d like to improve on aesthetically. We help people identify what those things are in regard to their skin, and assist them in their personal improvement. We call it “Glow Goals.”

TVC: What are your hopes for your future as an entrepreneur?

Howard: At times, I can barely sleep at night envisioning my business franchising.  I’m working towards having multiple Infidimensional Skin Spas across Arkansas and other states. I would also love to have a skincare and accessory brand in the future.

TVC: What are you most proud of and/or what is your biggest challenge in your entrepreneurial journey? 

Howard: 2020 was a difficult year for most people. I’m proud that I took the time during our shutdown to focus on my business. Starting a business in the midst of a pandemic hasn’t been the easiest, but I’m blessed to have made it this far. 

My biggest challenge in my entrepreneurial journey has been balancing all the different hats you have to wear being a business owner. Whether it be working on marketing strategies, organizing finances, or navigating social media, it takes a lot of dedication and sleepless nights.

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