#VCTeam: Executive Director Wayne Miller

Posted on October 18, 2019
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The Venture Center team is passionate about entrepreneurship and thrives on the hard work and creativity required to make ideas into viable businesses. We love partnering with people across the state and throughout the world to build better businesses and stronger communities. Get to know our team and learn why we love being here. We have an open door policy, so come for a visit any time.

The Venture Center Executive Director, Wayne Miller

Give us your life story in a 30 second elevator pitch:

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Went to high school in Ohio, College at University of Pittsburgh with the intention of becoming a dentist (like my dad and grand dad). Started my first company while in college. Ended up in DC after school, bought a bankrupt restaurant, sold it, built another one, sold it and then went into corporate America. Kraft, Hill-Rom and Deloitte gave me great training and experience. Helped lead an internet consultancy that we took public in ’98. Started a dotcom in ’99, it crashed and burned so after that, got into retail auto repair then, was COO of 2nd largest taxi co. in the US, then became operating partner for a private equity company focused on health devices, before finding my way to Little Rock. I have invested in, started and supported a total 12 start-ups. Love my work.

Why are you here? To share my experience to help entrepreneurs build successful businesses.

What would your last meal be? An Original Hot Dog from Pittsburgh, PA (really….)

What is your biggest pet peeve? The words “I can’t…”

If you could time travel, where would you go? Back to the future and get the book with all the scores in it like Biff.