Alumni Update: What’s New with Erez Saf | Founder + CEO of CRiskCo?

Posted on November 20, 2019
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Tell us about your recent trip to Tel Aviv. Did you learn about anything new & exciting coming around the corner?

I am originally from Tel Aviv and currently have an office operating there. I spend most of my time in CRiskCo’s Israel offices where I help the development team with updates to our technology. On my recent visit to Tel Aviv, my team was able to arrange an impressive delegation from USA, Australia, and the UK to attend the Israel Innovation Week, a conference with more than 5,000 delegates from around the world. This innovation hub allows delegates to explore people, culture, and the latest innovations in the FinTech industry. I was lucky to be accompanied by the Venture Center’s, Brian Bauer, and share the stage with him as we led a panel discussion in front of hundreds fintech enthusiastic with the help of Fintech Aviv one the largest community of fintech in Israel. In addition, we hold a private dinner to CRiskCo’s delegation with Dr. Moshe Bereket, Israel’s commissioner for capital markets, insurance and savings. As part of his rule, Moshe oversees all fintech activity as well as the capital markets. Brian and I were able to join him for dinner and talk about various FinTech opportunities and how to implement new innovative technologies in Israel.

Time to brag a little on CRiskCo! What’s the latest great news in your company?

 CRiskCo has been selected as one of the top apps on Finastra’s Fusion Cloud store. Finastra is the 5th biggest core provider in the US that has over 2400 banks in their portfolio. CRiskCo was chosen as one of the top ten apps presented to Finastra’s large audience of community bankers.

Since CRiskCo is integrated with Finastra’s core banking solution, every community bank can now use CRiskCo’s technology and easily integrate it into their systems.

In addition, I was honored to receive Analytics Insight’s “40 Under 40 Innovators” award. This article displays the benefits of CRiskCo’s technology and highlights the impact our innovation will have on the SME lending industry.

What’s the latest tech gadget you bought that you loved or hated?

Well, since I am a huge advocate for Apple products, I recently purchased the new iPhone 11 Pro. The three new cameras and advanced settings are very captivating features. Along with my iPhone addiction, I bought last year a pair of Airpods and while I love them, they are so easy to lose. I already lost one case, and now I only have the left Air pod.

Have you had any exciting partnerships pop up recently?

Recently, CRiskCo and Teslar decided to collaborate to provide a fully integrated solution for Teslar clients. Our collaboration allows banks to save time and money, and start running the vanilla solution in a day! Recently, ICBA featured a story about the collaboration between CRiskCo and Teslar, which you can read here. We’re grateful for the continued relationship and support from ICBA. The ThinkTECH Accelerator was such a game-changer for us in part because of the incredible partnership grow out of it.