Congratulations to Omnetrium on their partnership with Centennial Bank in launching the Cents To Win Prize Savings Program!

Posted on April 17, 2019
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Omnetrium, an innovative software platform which designs, builds and operates custom prize-linked savings programs, congratulates Centennial Bank on the launch of their Cents To Win Prize Savings Program.  The Cents To Win Program is powered through a technology partnership with Omnetrium.

“We at Centennial Bank are excited to partner with Omnetrium to provide our customers in Arkansas an innovative way to save for their future,” said Tracy French, Chief Executive Officer of Centennial Bank.

“With slowing deposit growth, higher interest rates and rising marketing & client acquisition costs, the timing is optimal for banks to explore prize-linked savings programs,” said John Hackett, co-founder of Omnetrium.  “Although new to U.S. banks and consumers, prize-savings programs are offered by financial institutions around the globe as a proven and popular way to build sustainable new customer growth and inspire customer engagement with banks,” added John Hackett.