Alumni Update: What’s New with Robert Johnston?

Posted on February 4, 2020
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It’s been about a year since you wrapped up the ICBA ThinkTECH Accelerator. What’s the latest great news from Adlumin since that time? 

The greatest piece of news is Adlumin has expanded its relationship with ICBA and has become the first company to be named an ICBA Preferred Service Provider.

Anticipating any big changes/developments coming up?

The Adlumin team continues to grow and our product is delivering better and better value for the community banking space. In 2020 we are looking to expand our core banking software security line beyond on-premise cores into cloud-based cores to provide unprecedented visibility into threats, malfunctions, and IT operations failures.

What are you currently reading or what podcasts are you listening to?

I read constantly. I just finished “The Ride of a Lifetime” by Bob Iger CEO of Disney. Excellent book on executive-level leadership.

Any new developments in cybersecurity? Is there anything you can share about the upcoming election and what you foresee for campaign security efforts? (asking broadly & generally)

The more we operate in this space the more we see how vulnerable it is. In many cases software products that facilitate banking operations were not built with security and resiliency in mind. We routinely experience financial institutions with significant vulnerabilities based on the requirements of the software they implement. For example, in many situations, teller desktop software provided by the cores requires that even the most routine user at a bank have the most highly privileged access to network shares and folders. These requirements increase the risk of vicious attacks like ransomware or easily captured administrative access to the entire bank network by compromising a single machine.