#FISFintech | Innovation Champions Q&A with Lisa Dill, VP Card Products

Posted on October 13, 2020
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The 2020 FIS Fintech Accelerator follows four highly successful programs produced by FIS and The Venture Center. This year’s Accelerator is being conducted entirely virtually and includes an additional six-week pre-accelerator, providing opportunities for greater collaboration and faster innovation for FIS customers. 

In this series, we talk with FIS “Fintech Champions” who are working with this year’s cohort to help develop and bring their ideas to fruition. Here we feature a Q&A with Lisa Dill, VP, card products, who is working with 2020 cohort member XpenseOne.

We hope you enjoy hearing from the FIS Champions, and encourage you to schedule a visit to the FIS Fintech Accelerator Demo Day at www.venturecenter.co/fisfintech.

1. What challenges do you see today that fintech solutions could address?

All companies have unique challenges and need partners that can support their needs. The payments industry continues to evolve at lightning speed and there are new players emerging at every turn. Fintechs bring nimble and digital products in niche areas that help solve our issuers’ and cardholders’ market needs, so they remain competitive and relevant.

2. What stands out about XpenseOne and why was it chosen to be a part of the 2020 FIS Fintech Accelerator? 

FIS delivers innovative solutions that solve market needs. Expense management is a pain point for all businesses, especially the small to mid-size companies, who frequently resort to manual processes to manage their business expenses. But it’s not only companies who experience these challenges. Employees must deal with the dreaded expense report as well, but their needs are often overlooked or are secondary in traditional expense management solutions. This is where XpenseOne differentiates themselves. XpenseOne not only provides an expense management solution that automates and streamlines the process for smaller companies, they deliver a feature-rich product that leverages technology to simplify the employee process. No more sifting to find a credit card receipt or trying to recall the details of an expense weeks after it occurred. Use your company card and XpenseOne sends a push notification in near real-time, prompting you to complete the expense details and attach your receipt in their user-friendly app. The result is a win all around. Better experience for the employee and more accurate and timely expense filings for the company. FIS recognizes the power of the XpenseOne solution and their innovative approach to addressing this market need. Having XpenseOne in the Accelerator program is an opportunity to explore how FIS could bring an expense management solution to our banks and credit unions.

3. How do you hope your involvement in the FIS Fintech Accelerator helps FIS’ clients?

FIS is a market leader in card management, and we are always seeking innovative solutions that solve a market need for our issuer clients. My involvement in the FIS Accelerator program is like having a back-stage pass to connect with ground-breaking fintechs and explore ways for FIS to help clients by delivering new technologies that solve for these market needs and keep our clients ahead of the competition.

To learn more about and the full roster of 2020 cohort companies, sign up to visit the virtual FIS Fintech Accelerator.

**This is part of an ongoing blog series highlighting the different FIS Champions working with the 2020 FIS Accelerator Cohort of startup fintech companies.**