5 Strategies to Attract A-Players to Your Business: How to Hire the Best

Posted on May 23, 2023
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Written By: Sabrina Starling, PhD

If you’re struggling to find and attract A-Players to your business, you’re not alone. Traditional hiring practices have a mis-hire rate of 75%, which means you’re not choosing the best candidates for your team. A-Players are rare and highly sought after, but they can be 900 – 1200% more productive than “warm body” team members. So, how do you attract A-Players to your business and become an Employer of Choice?


  1. Define What an A-Player Looks Like for Your Team


Before you can attract A-Players, you need to define what an A-Player looks like for your team. What are the values, behaviors, and characteristics you want in an A-Player? Once you have a clear definition, you can start strategically increasing your visibility as an “Employer of Choice” in their networks.


  1. Align Your Policies and Procedures with A-Player Behavior


A-Players want to work in an environment where they are respected, trusted, and have the freedom to choose the best way to accomplish results. Are your policies and procedures aligned with A-Player behavior, or are they designed to keep poorly performing employees in line? Take a hard look at your policies and procedures and make adjustments where necessary.


  1. Offer Professional Development Opportunities


A-Players are highly motivated to improve themselves. They want to learn and grow. Professional development opportunities aligned with their strengths and interests are very appealing to A-Players. Offer opportunities for training, mentorship, and career advancement.


  1. Share Your Vision and Goals


A-Players thrive on overcoming challenges. Do you have a big vision and goals? Share this with your A-Players. Invite their input. A-Players want to be part of something bigger than themselves and are excited to contribute to a company’s growth and success.


  1. Cultivate Your Culture


To become an “Employer of Choice” for A-Players, you need to intentionally design and cultivate your culture to align with what is motivating and appealing to A-Players. Ask your current A-Players what they appreciate most about working with you and what makes a great place to work. Use their feedback to improve your culture and become more attractive to A-Players.


The sustainable solution to your hiring challenges lies in becoming an “Employer of Choice” for A-Players. Follow these strategies to attract A-Players to your business and create a high-performing team. For more resources on how to become an Employer of Choice, check out the free How to Hire the Best toolkit at www.tapthepotential.com/toolkit.


Sabrina Starling, PhD, PCC, BCC, The Business Psychologist, is the internationally bestselling author of How to Hire the Best and The 4 Week Vacation®. Founder of www.tapthepotential.com and host of the Profit by Design podcast, she and her team coach entrepreneurs to take their lives back from their businesses. They are on a mission to send 10,000 entrepreneurs on a 4 Week Vacation® in 10 years.