VCWoman Achieve Mentee Spotlight | Sara Hurst

Posted on June 15, 2023
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We are so excited to introduce you to an ongoing series where we celebrate the success and achievements of the amazing members of Woman Achieve. Meet Sarah Hurst one of our mentees!

The Venture Center: What major changes has your company experienced throughout this year-long program?

Sara Hurst:

We have been experiencing growing pains and it’s been good to talk them through with my mentor. I love being able to bounce off ideas with someone and get new ideas.

What value has this mentorship program brought to you both personally and professionally?

Personally, I have gained champions, people who are always cheering me on and being supportive. Professionally, I have been able to meet many small business owners like myself and also women who are very successful in their careers.

What’s your favorite piece of advice that you received while in this program?

I think it’s good to promote yourself and your business. I feel that as women we are always shy to share our successes and don’t want to put a spotlight on them.

What advice would you give to those interested in applying for this program?

Do it! You will not regret it and you will get so much back. Not only advice and mentorships but relationships that will last a lifetime.