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#VCWorkshop: Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs

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Being an entrepreneur is stressful. Customers, employees, investors, board members, not to mention family members...all have expectations of you. How you deal with that stress will likely influence your company's success. In this one-hour workshop, we'll talk about how to be more mindful in our decision-making, communication, and relationship to the world around us. We'll engage in a short mindfulness practice, as well as talk about the challenges we face confronting our constant thinking minds.

Sponsored by Clix.

About Mike Mueller

Mike Mueller co-founded an e-commerce company in 2011 that raised capital and was eventually acquired. He is now a digital marketing strategist for Clix and helps companies of all sizes grow online. Mike has been a student of the Kwan Um School of Zen for over 10 years and has a regular meditation practice. He often speaks and writes about mindfulness.

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