VCWoman Achieve Mentor Spotlight | Dawn-Marie Martin

Posted on June 20, 2023
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We are so excited to introduce you to an ongoing series where we celebrate the success and achievements of the amazing members of Woman Achieve. Meet Dawn-Marie Martin one of our mentors!

The Venture Center: What inspired you to participate in VCWoman Achieve?

Dawn-Marie Martin:

When I heard about this group, I actually wanted to be mentored.  I wanted an opportunity to learn from other professional women in different industries that could provide insight and advice to grow my career and learn from their experiences.  Little did I know that I would be selected as a mentor, and I would be sharing my experiences and brainstorming with my mentee.

What value has this mentorship program brought to you both personally and professionally?

This has given me a wonderful network of ladies that I can reach out to and learn from.  I have been able to ask questions directly to those I’ve met and gain valuable feedback and develop relationships and connections.

What growth have you seen in both your mentee and yourself throughout this program?

My mentee is growing leaps and bounds, but I believe that is due to her own drive and goal-crushing ethic!  I provide a unique perspective to her successful business with my own experience and creativity.

What advice would you give to those interested in applying for this program?

You will gain knowledge, confidence, and a network of individuals that want to help you succeed!